✨Token Utility

  1. Epiko Regal Tournament Participation: Players can participate in the Epiko Regal tournaments, competing for substantial token rewards and showcasing their gaming prowess.

  2. Community Engagement Giveaways: Active community involvement is rewarded through special giveaways, fostering a vibrant and engaged user base.

  3. Web3 Reward Mechanism in Epiko World: Players are rewarded with EPIKO Tokens (instead of game coins) for completing certain actions or achievements, and time spent, in Epiko World.

  4. Resource-Based Token Claims: Users can claim tokens proportional to the resources they accumulate (gold, gems, etc.) within the Epiko ecosystem, enhancing their rewards based on their in-game progress.

  5. Real Ownership of in-game collectibles in Epiko World: In traditional games, the assets and the collectibles, are owned by the game-developing company, and not the player who is unlocking them or purchasing them. This is not the case in Web3 games. These games offer assets that are owned by the players and stored in their wallets. All the items that are bought in-game will be Non-fungible Tokens. These Tokens will also be sent directly to the player’s crypto-wallet once the player has purchased them in-game. This implies players have full ownership of the items bought from the game and can sell or trade them on various marketplaces.

  6. Participation in Epiko DAO: Holders are eligible to participate in the Epiko Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), contributing to decision-making processes that shape the platform’s future.

  7. Early Access to Upcoming Products: Token holders enjoy early access to future web3 games in the Epiko ecosystem.

These utilities represent the diverse and engaging aspects of the Epiko ecosystem, empowering users with exciting opportunities, exclusive access, and rewarding experiences across various facets of the platform.

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