Epiko fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), hereinafter “tokens”, are not intended as securities in any jurisdiction. Nothing in this White Paper should be treated or read as a guarantee or promise of how the Epiko business or the tokens will develop or of the utility or value of the tokens. This White Paper outlines current plans, which could change at Epiko’s discretion, and the success of which will depend on many factors outside Epiko’s control, including market-based factors and factors within the data and cryptocurrency industries. Any statements about future events are based solely on Epiko’s analysis of the issues described in this White Paper. The analysis may prove the statement to be incorrect.

By accessing and/or accepting ownership of any information in this White Paper or any portion thereof (as the case may be), you represent and warrant to Epiko that:

  • You agree and acknowledge that this White Paper is not a prospectus or offer document of any kind and is not intended to constitute an offer of financial services that may include securities in any jurisdiction or a solicitation for investment in securities, and you are not bound to enter into any contract or legal commitment that is binding, and no cryptocurrency or other form of payment shall be accepted under this White Paper.

  • You have a basic level of understanding of the operation, functionality, use, storage, transmission mechanisms, and other material characteristics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based software systems, cryptocurrency wallets or other related token storage mechanisms, blockchain and smart-contract technology, and all of the risks associated with it, and nobody forced you to take certain actions but yourself.

  • None of the information in this White Paper should be construed as legal, commercial, financial, or tax advice with the Epiko token or any of Epiko platforms (each as referred to in the White Paper). You should consult legal, financial, tax, or other professional advisors regarding Epiko and its respective businesses and operations of Epiko (as referenced in the White Paper). You should be aware that you may be required to assume the financial risk of any Epiko for an indefinite time.

  • You acknowledge and have considered if any of these risks and uncertainties developed into real events, Epiko’s business, financial condition, results of operations, and prospects could be materially and adversely affected. In such a case, you may lose all or part of the value of the Epiko assets that you have and take 100 percent responsibility for your own actions.

  • The company shall not be held liable for any speculative intention by you or from any third parties who attempt to hold Epiko tokens for any other reason.

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