Epiko Market

What is Epiko Market?

Epiko Market is a multichain NFT marketplace where users can mint, buy, sell, and trade NFTs across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Polygon zkEVM, and Boba.

What blockchains does Epiko Market support?

Epiko Market supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Polygon zkEVM, and Boba. We are also in the process of integrating Solana to further expand our multichain capabilities.

How do I connect my wallet to Epiko Market?

You can connect your wallet to Epiko Market using MetaMask or WalletConnect. This ensures secure and reliable access to your digital assets.

What are the payment options on Epiko Market?

Epiko Market supports multiple payment tokens, including ETH, OMI, USDC, MATIC, and BOBA, depending on the blockchain network you are transacting on.

How do I create and sell NFTs on Epiko Market?

To create and sell NFTs on Epiko Market, connect your wallet, navigate to the "Create" section, follow the prompts to mint your NFT, and list it for sale using either fixed price or auction options.

Can I transfer NFTs to other wallets on Epiko Market?

Yes, Epiko Market allows you to directly transfer NFTs to other wallets. This feature is particularly useful for conducting giveaways or airdrops.

What is the "Add to Cart" feature?

The "Add to Cart" feature allows users to add multiple NFTs to their cart at one time and purchase them in a single transaction, streamlining the buying process.

How does the "Option to Bid" feature work?

The "Option to Bid" feature enables users to participate in timed auctions. Users can place live bids, set automated maximum bids, and receive notifications about their bid status.

What are Creator and Collaborator Royalties?

Epiko Market allows creators to set specific royalty percentages during the NFT creation process. Additionally, creators can assign royalties to collaborators, ensuring fair compensation from secondary sales.

How can I add unlockable content to my NFTs?

Creators can add unlockable content in the form of text during the minting process. This content is only accessible to the buyer upon purchase, adding value to the NFT.

Can I hide or burn my NFTs?

Epiko Market allows users to hide NFTs from public view within their collections for privacy. Users can also permanently burn NFTs to remove them from circulation.

How can I join Epiko Market as a project partner?

To join Epiko Market as a project partner, contact us through our partnership inquiry form. We offer various incentives and support to integrate your NFTs onto our marketplace. Email us at info@epikomarket.com and fill out the form here: Epiko Market Partnership Form.

What are the benefits of using Epiko Market?

Epiko Market offers multi-blockchain support, advanced wallet connectivity, flexible payment options, and a range of features like bid options, cart functionality, and royalty settings. These features provide users with a versatile, secure, and user-friendly platform for their NFT transactions.

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