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The Kingdoms feature in Epiko Regal allows players to connect with fellow members, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Within a kingdom, players can engage in chat conversations and support each other by sharing cards to level up their gameplay. Each kingdom can accommodate up to 50 members. By joining or creating a kingdom, players unlock the opportunity to work together and climb the ranks of the leaderboard. Collaborative efforts can lead to enhanced success and recognition within the game. Additionally, within the confines of a kingdom, players can engage in Friendly Battles, which provide an avenue for friendly competition without any rewards, losses, or gains in cups.


Cards are used to unleash troops, spells, weapons, and buildings onto the stadium, which cost Rasa that you gradually gain during your battle. Players can strategically deploy various cards to gain an advantage over their opponents. Obtaining cards can be done through different methods. They can be purchased using Gold or Gems in the in-game shop, discovered in Yantras, or received from fellow members in your joined kingdom. As players progress and increase their stadium level, new cards become available, expanding their strategic options and gameplay possibilities. Every card in Epiko Regal is categorized into one 7 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Ultra Epic, Hero, Legend and God. The rarity indicates the card’s availability from Yantra and its relative power level.

To manage and view their collection, players can access the Collection option on the home screen. This provides a comprehensive overview of all the cards they have acquired. Additionally, players have the ability to create up to four battle decks, each consisting of eight selected cards. Prior to each battle, players can choose one deck from their collection to use, allowing for strategic customization based on their playstyle and the opponents they face.


Yantra feature adds an exciting element of rewards and progression to the gameplay. Yantras are earned by winning battles and serve as valuable sources of Gold, Gems, Cards and other in-game assets. They come in various rarities, including Common, Rare, Epic, Royal, Mystical, Lightning, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Epiko Fortune, each offering different rewards and possibilities. Obtaining Yantras can be done in two ways. The first is by winning battles, where players have the chance to earn Yantras based on their performance. The second method involves purchasing Yantras directly from the in-app shop using Gems, providing an opportunity to acquire specific rewards instantly.

Unlocking a Yantra requires a certain amount of time, offering a sense of anticipation and progression. However, players have the option to bypass the waiting period by using Gems, allowing them to open the Yantra immediately and access its contents. Similarly, Yantras obtained through purchases from the shop are instantly available for opening. Each player has four slots available for Yantras, meaning they can possess up to four Yantras at a given time. However, until a slot is opened, no new Yantras can be won. This encourages players to strategically manage their Yantra inventory and make thoughtful decisions on when to open or acquire new ones.

Gold & Gems

Gold and Gems are valuable resources that play a significant role in enhancing your gameplay experience.

Gold is a resource that can be utilized for various purposes. It can be used to upgrade your Cards, enabling you to strengthen your deck and enhance your battle strategies. Additionally, it can be utilized to purchase Cards directly from the in-game Shop, allowing you to expand your collection and unlock new possibilities and to create your very own Kingdom. Players acquire Gold from wining battles, Yantras and can also be bought with Gems from the shop.

Gems hold a more premium status within Epiko Regal. These precious Gems can be obtained through various in-game activities and prizes. They can be acquired by opening Yantras, receiving them as daily login rewards from quests, and completing special challenges. Additionally, Gems can also be obtained by purchasing them with real money from the in-app store. They offer a range of benefits and opportunities within the game. They can be used to unlock Cinematic Comics, allowing you to delve deeper into the immersive storytelling experience. Gems also provide access to Digital Toys, adding an extra layer of interactive enjoyment to your gameplay. Furthermore, it can be used to acquire Yantras, purchase Gold, and unlock many more exciting features and enhancements.

Mystery Stones

Mystery Stones are special items in Epiko Regal that allow users to redeem various in-game exclusive content such as Gems, Gold, Higher level Cards, Digital Toys, and Chapter of Kathika Comics. Players can unlock a Mystery box with only a redeem code, which they receive when they purchase Epiko NFTs or win as a special reward from an event.


Quest Log is a list exciting different types of challenges for players to complete in the game and offer a chance to earn gems and gold as they progress through the game. Once a challenge is completed, it is marked completed and players can claim their rewards.


Leaderboard in Epiko Regal is a dynamic system that showcases the ranking of Warriors and Kingdoms, on the basis of Cups. It provides an exciting platform for competitive gameplay and allows players to gauge their progress and standing within the game. The Warrior Ranking displays the individual rank in the global audience and gain insights into other players details, such as the number of games played, highest cup achievements, win rates, and levels attained. This information offers valuable insights into the prowess and achievements of the warriors, allowing them to compare their skills and strive for higher ranks. Kingdom Ranking is one the basis of collective cups count of the members, showcasing their combined efforts in the epic battles of Epiko Regal.


EPIKO ID feature serves as a unique identification for players game account. It plays a crucial role in assisting support teams in locating and addressing any issues or inquiries related to your account. The Player ID is a distinctive combination of letters and numbers that is exclusively assigned to your Epiko Regal account. You can find your ID inside the app settings.

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