Epiko World

Web3 Metaverse Application
Coming Soon...
Epiko World, is a Land Inspired from the Epiko Regal comic series, different virtual rooms and portals will be developed as throne rooms, king chambers, mystical planets and more.
  • The users will be able to buy access passes to experience these rooms with a subscription that will be available to users holding EPIKO tokens.
  • Moreover, there will be a special auction organised for $EPIKO tokens Holders which will allow users to bid and buy limited virtual rooms of their choice with $OMI tokens and Ethereum. These can be later traded or stored as NFTs.
  • Epiko World will have a Mystical Universe with geo-locations and halls of fame for players from the community and EPIKO tokens will be required to gain access. Inside the metaverse users will be able to roam with their avatars of choice, attend events and interact with other community members.