💎Epiko Market

Web3 NFT Marketplace

Epiko.market is an essential component of the Epiko Ecosystem, serving as the official marketplace for Epiko and other unique project collectibles. It is the first NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users to collect and trade NFT collectibles using $OMI, $ETH, and $USDC tokens. As a global marketplace for premium and unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Epiko.market provides a platform for users to access and trade Epiko assets such as warriors, weapons, powers, cinematic comics, mystery boxes and in coming time other items like lands, buildings. The marketplace incentivizes users to collect, trade, and hold their collections as NFTs, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.

With its robust features, flexible royalties, and the ability to create and trade single or multiple collectibles, Epiko.market provides a rewarding and immersive experience for collectors and enthusiasts.

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