Our flagship product, Epiko, serves as an immersive entertainment ecosystem that draws inspiration from Eastern mythologies and culture. Epiko has successfully delivered a diverse range of interactive experiences namely, strategic mobile games, augmented reality (AR) digital collectibles, motion comics, and a blockchain-based marketplace, alongside AR/VR games on the WEB3 space.
Epiko's unique features empower players to effortlessly utilize their assets across multiple platforms with interoperability in place. This could potentially involve utilizing digital avatars, collectibles, resources, etc. to progress within the game, participate in esports tournaments and engage in the marketplace, all of which are part of the Epiko ecosystem (https://epiko.io). To address the challenges faced in connecting different protocols, Epiko's interoperability feature seeks to bridge this gap by extending to other layers beyond the layer1 Ethereum protocol. This encompasses projects built on other networks to interact through our multi-chain functionality.
One of our current endeavors is the development of EPIKO ID, a solution that aims at bridging the gap between web2 and web3 users utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain. Its primary purpose is to facilitate interoperability by simplifying the adoption of the latest technology for users. By providing a seamless transition between both realms, users can maximize the benefits without encountering the complexities to adapt themselves in the web3 space.
EPIKO ID also enables activities for Epiko HUB, which can be further leveraged by third-party entities to gamify their solutions and reach their target audience through AI (artificial intelligence) generative search enabled in our indigenous tool for on-chain data.